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El Progreso Memorial Library, Archives, & Museum Survey

Let us know how we're doing with this performance review survey
Updated 3/23/21

Video Game
Entertainment Survey

The library is investigating plans to provide video game entertainment and would like to know what would you prefer in this type of service.

We ask only for prefer game console, genres, and titles.

All responses are anonymous.

And please share this survey with your friends and family so they can take part of the survey too.

Added 9/1/21 

Hobbies and Interests Survey

Ever wish you could show off your skills to the public or if you could learn something new? We would like to know more about you so we can plan future events that meets your interests
Added 3/23/21

Preferences Survey

We try to keep everything to a "general public" but we would like to know want the public would generally enjoy
Added 3/23/21

Communications Survey

We want to make sure you don't miss out on anything! Help us reach out to more people by let us know what is trending
Added 3/23/21

Availability Survey

Everyone has a life, work to do, family to take care of. We would like to know when would be a good time to host event so that we can better fit your schedule
Added 3/23/21

Readers Survey

What books are you into? We would like to know the "next big thing" that's trending in the community
Added 3/23/21

Library Development Survey

Ever wonder if there was something missing in the library? We would like to know if you could single-handedly manage the library, where would the funding go towards?
Added 3/23/21